Certification Policy

  1. To be able to propose or provide IT services or products in Uganda, it shall be mandatory for the Proposer/Provider to obtain Certification in their areas of operation from the NITA-U. This shall apply to IT Service/ Product Providers both from within Uganda and overseas.
  2. To promote local competencies and to develop IT skills in Uganda, it is mandated that all overseas IT Service Providers, wanting to provide IT Services in Uganda, henceforth either set-up their subsidiaries in Uganda or associate with local partner/s through Joint venture or Partnership arrangement. The subsidiary or the Joint venture or Partnership Company, thus formed, shall obtain relevant Certification from the NITA-U to propose or operate IT services in Uganda.
  3. It is also mandated by the Govt. of Uganda that all Government procurement of IT Products and services shall hereafter be from NITA-U Certified IT Service Providers only.
  4. Considering the present state of the IT Service industry in the country and the need to provide entities time to get into the Certification process, NITA-U shall issue Conformity Certificates at Levels 1, 2, 3 to those IT Service Providers that meet the defined eligibility criteria for these levels.
    The Level 1 and Level 2 certified entities are encouraged to build Competency and Capacity through resources and procedures for establishing a Management system that conforms to the requirements of an applicable ISO standard.
    The criterion for grant of Conformity Certificate Level 3 is compliance to the requirements of applicable and specified international standards. An applicant seeking Level 3 conformity would need to fulfill the requirements of the applicable standard/s against which certification is sought. The object of certification shall, thereby, have to demonstrate compliance to the minimum requirements specified in the standards.
  5. IT Training Institutions / Providers conducting training in Computing and Information technology shall also get themselves certified from NITA-U.
  6. Individuals possessing formal qualification/ experience in Information Technology and wishing to contribute towards Ugandan IT Industry shall get themselves certified by NITA-U as certified Individual IT Service Providers if they wish to be given preference in recruitment for job openings in the Government sector in Uganda.
  7. IT Product Conformity Certificates shall be only issued to the manufacturers, authorised dealer/resellers or assemblers of the product, which comply with the certification requirements. However, traders / agents of the manufacturers, authorised resellers or assemblers of the product will also be allowed to utilize the Conformity Certificates issued to the manufacturers, authorised dealer/resellers or assembler of the product.

This Policy defines:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Process for Application
  • Conformity Assessment
  • Issuance

and maintenance of IT Certification provided by NITA-U.