Guidance Note on Information Technology (IT) Certification

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1
2 Scope of the Certification 1
3 Responsibilities 1
4 Contacts for IT Certification 1
5 Legislation 1

  1. Introduction

    Commencing the Financial Year 2016/17, all providers of Information Technology (IT) services and products are required to be certified by the National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) as per:

    1. The Budget Execution Circular for Financial Year 2016/17 (Page 6 of 18) issued by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) on 29th June 2016, Ref: PPD/M15/B01/000, and
    2. The Circular to Procuring and Disposing Entities on the need for Certification of all Information Technology Service Providers by the National Information Technology Authority - Uganda -- Circular No.1 of 2017 issued by the Public Procurement and Disposal Authority (PPDA) on 8th Feb 2017, Ref: BPD86/107/02.
  2. Scope of the Certification

    The Service Providers that need to be certified by NITA-U include:

    1. Providers of IT Services and Products (Companies and Individuals) as indicated in the attendant Regulations;
    2. Providers of IT Training Services (Companies and Individuals) as indicated in the attendant Regulations.
    • This requirement applies to all Companies that are registered in Uganda and Ugandan Nationals or permanent residents.
    • Furthermore, all partners, sub-contractors or otherwise of foreign providers of IT Services and Products shall have to be certified
    • All IT Service Provider Companies that bid for Government Work shall require that all IT Personnel presented as part of the Team in the Bid and are NOT permanent staff of the Company ARE Certified as Individual IT Service Providers by NITA-U
  3. Responsibilities

    The following are the responsibilities:

    1. MDAs/LGs shall not engage in consumption of IT Services and/or products from a provider not Certified by NITA-U;
    2. MDAs/LGs shall direct all IT Service Providers to NITA-U to get certified;
    3. IT Service Providers shall apply for IT Certification from NITA-U;
    4. NITA-U shall certify eligible IT Service Providers as per the applicable legislation;
    5. The Office of the Solicitor General shall not approve any contracts for IT Service Providers that are not certified by NITA-U;
    6. The Public Procurement and Disposal Authority shall enforce the requirement for IT Certification;
    7. The Office of the Auditor General shall in execution of its roles support the need for IT Certification.
  4. Contacts for IT Certification

    To obtain IT Certification information and commence IT Certification, please contact the IT Certification Office as follows:

  5. No. Medium Address(es)/ Contacts
    1 Physical
    1      NITA-U Offices
         Plot 7A, Rotary Avenue
         PO Box 33151
    2      IT Certification Office
         Block 12, Clement Hill Road, Nakasero,
         PO Box 12894, Kampala
    2 Web
    1      http://www.nita.go.ug
    2      https://www.itco.go.ug
    3 email
    1      itcohelpdesk@itco.go.ug
    4 Phone
    1      0200510000
    2      +256-417-801038

  6. Legislation

    The following are the

    1. NITA-U Regulations for (Certification of Providers of Information Technology Products and services) -- No. 69 of 2016 - and
    2. Authentication of Information Technology training -- No. 70 of 2016