IT Products

With a view to regulate the IT Products, IT Services, IT Training, and Individual IT Service Providers in Uganda, an IT Certification Project (ITCP) has been initiated by National Information Technology Authority, Uganda. The objective of certifying IT Products is to minimize the risk of unsafe and sub-standard goods being traded in Uganda by conducting conformity assessment at source or before it enters the Ugandan market place. This will help ensure that consumers are protected from unsafe and sub-standard goods.

As a Partner State of the East African Community (EAC), the product certification scheme for IT Products shall be broadly in-line with the East African Community Standardization Quality Assurance Metrology and Testing Act 2006, also referred as EAC SQMT Act. The NITA-U IT Certification Office has been set up to carry out the Certification process in accordance with the guidelines of the Certification framework. The NITA-U IT Certification Office is responsible for the receipt of the Applications, Verification, Validation, conformity Assessment and Certification of the objects of conformity assessment as per the Certification Framework. The NITA-U IT Certification Office shall also guide and assist the Applicants on the Certification processes.

A Certification Framework for IT Products has been created to lay down end-to-end Guidelines, Certification standards, Processes and Practices to be followed for issuances of Conformity Certificates to IT Products. The IT Products to be certified can be imported directly by the user, or by a trader. The IT Products can also be locally manufactured or assembled.


Information Technology Products consists of :

  • IT Software
  • IT Hardware Units
  • IT Peripherals &
  • IT Spares

These IT Products are categorized as per the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, generally referred to as Harmonized System (HS).