IT Service Providers

Documentation for IT Service Providers

List of documents required from IT Service Providers for CCL1

  1. Certified certificate of incorporation (URSB)
  2. Certificate of RegistrationTax Registration Certificate
  3. Certified/Commissioned academic degree transcripts/certificates for your technical staff. i.e. diplomas, bachelors, masters etc.
  4. A self-declaration or Affidavit (attestation that the entity is not debarred from doing business with the Government of Uganda)
  5. If available, Experience in IT service provision i.e. completion certificates, Purchase orders, Contracts (cover, first & signatory pages) etc.
  6. A Title deed, valid tenancy/lease agreement, recent rent receipts as proof of office location.

This section lists the documents required for completing the Application for :
Conformity Certification Level 1
Conformity Certification Level 2
Conformity Certification Level 3.