• Assessment - The Term Assessment shall refer to a set of processes and procedures conducted by a Conformity Assessment body to determine that IT Training Institutions, IT products, services, systems, IT Training Institutions and Individual IT Service Providers meet the requirements of a standard for Certification.
  • Certification - A Formal procedure by which an accredited or authorized person or agency assesses and verifies (and attests in writing by issuing a certificate) the attributes, characteristics, quality, qualification, or status of individuals or organizations, products or services, procedures or processes, or events or situations, in accordance with established requirements or standards.
  • IT Training Institutions - IT Training Institutions are Institutions conducting training in Computing and Information technology. These could be schools, tertiary institutions, companies or organizations conducting any form of IT Training in a formal or non-formal setting.
  • IT Service - IT Service shall be referred to as products and a process that provides value to the customers by facilitation results that the customer wants to achieve.
  • IT Service Provider - An IT organization or part of an IT organization that manages and delivers an IT service or services to the customer.
  • Individual IT Service Provider - An Individual IT Service Provider is an individual having knowledge and/or Experience in the Information Technology domain and is able to add value to any office, or establishment, where and when positioned.
  • Process - Set of interrelated or interacting activities which transforms inputs into outputs [ISO 9000:2005] Registration A process by which a certification or regulatory body lists qualified individuals on that official roaster of agency.
  • Requirement - An outcome that a programme must demonstrate to achieve accreditation. Compliance with a requirement requires a program to meet the critical criteria for that requirement, and at least two-thirds of all criteria for the requirement.
  • Review - Verification of the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of selection and determination activities, and the results of these activities, with regard to fulfilment of specified requirements by an object of conformity assessment.

The definition of a term used in the context of certification is annotated in this section.

These terms will have the defined meanings, unless the context otherwise requires.